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Enhance Your Life with Brief Therapy
Achieve Peace of Mind 

 Do you suffer from anxiety? What if you could release your anxiety in less than 10 sessions, or even less than 5?

This is totally possible with the "Brief Therapy for Anxiety" protocol. You don't have to be in therapy for years. This process, using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Energy Therapies, works quickly to resolve your fears.

Are limiting beliefs, anxiety, or negative thoughts blocking you from getting what you really want?



How might anxiety be blocking you? In what ways is anxiety holding you back?  

Brief Therapy for Anxiety can help you remove those fears.


I work with clients who are ready to release their fears and feel freer to pursue what they're really wanting out of life. 

If you know what you want, but feel stuck, I can help you identify and remove the negative thoughts and beliefs that are standing in your way. 

Are you you’re in a period of transition, confused about your next step, wondering about your life purpose, or dealing with stress? As you release your fears, your confidence will grow.

As both a Licensed Therapist and a Life Coach. I want my clients to feel not only relief from anxiety, but excited about their future and ready to take the action steps towards achieving their personal goals. 


“I have gained much benefit from working with Terry. She supports me in my life goals.
I have achieved a great deal under her guidance. She is knowledgeable and has made the process of attaining goals much easier for me than anytime in my past.”

J. Nugent

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