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What is an Astrological Chart?


Your astrological chart is a blueprint of who you are, and why you're here. 

 It points to your mission, or Life Purpose. 

Everyone comes into this world with a mission. You're here for a reason. 


I work with clients who want a deeper understanding of who they are and what they're here to do.

Most people know their Sun sign. This represents your personality, your identity. But did you know you have 11 other signs influencing you? 

The location of the planets represent 12 areas of life. The meaning of each planet shows how the individual planets affect you on a personal level.

As the planets are in constant movement, your life is in a constant state of change and growth.

Discovering the potentials and possibilities of your chart empowers you. It shines a light on your uniqueness, and gives you insight into the choices you could make going forward.



“I have gained much benefit from working with Terry. She supports me in my life goals.
I have achieved a great deal under her guidance. She is knowledgeable and has made the process of attaining goals much easier for me than anytime in my past.”

J. Nugent

Astrological Life Coaching

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