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Teresa Trower LMHC/CIC
Licensed Therapist & Certified Coach

 I’ve been in the helping professions for many years, and feel this is truly my Life Purpose. 


I'm both a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Life and Spirituality Coach in Florida.

I use the skills from both modalities to help my clients realize their goals.

I've been a Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Therapist, and Coach. As such, I've been in the helping professions for many years.

I use several highly researched holistic techniques to help you move past the blocks that are keeping you from getting what you really want.


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“I have gained much benefit from working with Terry. She supports me in my life goals.
I have achieved a great deal under her guidance. She is knowledgeable and has made the process of attaining goals much easier for me than anytime in my past.”

J. Nugent