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"Terry's Astrology reading was clear and easy to understand. It gave me important insights into my personality and interpersonal relationships. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking to better understand themselves and how they relate to other people and to events in their lives."

Linda S.

"Terry prepared a detailed write up of my astrological chart and I was amazed at how accurate it felt! She captured my current areas of focus, goals, dreams and interests and it felt like puzzle pieces being assembled. Our discussion provided greater clarity for me as I embark on a new work initiative that feels very purposeful and important. Thank you,Terry!"

Lucy B.


"When I was first coached by Terry, it was like being coached by an old friend. She has this way of helping you through things with a direct and straightforward approach – something that I appreciated. Her honest assessments made it easy for me to be honest with myself as I moved through my own hurdles. I would highly recommend her services."


 “I have been working with Terry Trower for several years.  I have gained much benefit from working with her. Terry is my teacher and mentor. She supports me in my life goals. I have achieved a great deal under her guidance. She is knowledgeable and has made the process of attaining goals much easier for me than anytime in my past.. "

J. Nugent

Astrological Life Coaching

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