Is Life Coaching For Me?

The Gifts of Coaching



  • You'll get clear about your goals and what you truly desire.

  • You'll tap into your life purpose and what truly gives your life meaning.


  • You'll discover how to open yourself to abundance.

  • You'll break through the roadblocks that sabotage your success and happiness.

  • You'll conquer the fears that have kept you from taking the steps to achieve your goals, whether practical or spiritual.

  • You'll deepen your connection to Spirit as you define it and view the wholeness of your life from a Spiritual perspective.


  • You'll have a Certified Coach to co-create the action steps that lead to your success and provide both support and accountability.


How Is Coaching Different From Counseling?

Counseling deals with the past. The role of a Counselor is to help you work through problems, dysfunctional relationships, and traumas. Counseling requires licensure.

Coaching deals with your goals, and where you want to go from here. The role of a Coach is to help you take the necessary steps to get there. It's more action oriented, helping you define your goals and holding you accountable for taking the steps you choose along the way.

Coaching requires certification.

*I am both a Licensed Counselor and a Certified Spiritual Coach. I draw from both areas of expertise in helping my clients reach their goals.




The Role of A Coach

  • To help you pull all of this information, which is unique to you, together in a way that helps you get clear about what you want to be doing.

  • To help you stay motivated, psyched, and confident you can make your dreams come true

  • To help you set you up a weekly Action Plan