Tap into Your Spirituality


Your Spirituality is a dynamic part of you, touching every area of your life. Would you like to view your life from a Spiritual perspective? Would you like to identify those practices and beliefs that strengthen your faith and include your soul in your life decisions, both big and small? It’s not about religion, per se. It’s about your personal spiritual beliefs, those beliefs that enhance your sense of self and define your place in this world.

Discover Your Life Purpose


Do you believe you’re here for a reason? Do you believe you have a divine purpose on this planet?  

Discovering your purpose is empowering, motivating, and gives your life meaning.

In this 5- session package, we’ll explore your purpose and get you moving in that direction. This is a great

option if you’re in a period of transition, bored with your life, or unsure what your next step needs to be.




Supercharge Your Self Confidence


To succeed in this world, you need self- confidence. If your self- esteem needs a boost, this 4 session package will give you the confidence to put your gifts out into the world. Whether your world is your family, friends, or job, you can greatly increase your happiness and influence by recognizing your strengths. We’ll identify what’s blocking you from the self- confidence you desire and release your limiting beliefs. You’ll have a new appreciation for yourself, your abilities, and your purpose.


Emotion Code


The Emotion Code is an energetic practice that involves communicating with your unconscious mind in order to release trapped emotions that are holding you back. These trapped emotions can cause both psychological and physical pain. 

To find out more click here.

Spirituality and Life Coaching

I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Life Coach in Florida. I’ve been practicing for over 20 years, and recently redefined my role as “Therapist turned Coach”.

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